Versa-Tape's Audio MCLE Participatory Credit Program

Versa-Tape Company, Inc, in partnership with State Bar of California MCLE Approved Provider, Edward Poll and Associates (approved provider #02793) offer MCLE programs qualifying for participatory credit. These programs are available on CD and Mp3.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is participatory credit earned through audio programs?

One of the components in qualifying for participatory credit through audio is that the approved provider needs to guarantee that you are earning your participatory credit in a quality listening environment.

To fulfill this requirement, we include documentation with your package. This documentation requires you assign an individual to act as our proctor. The proctor does not have to sit with you. He or she simply signs these documents guaranteeing the hours you earned were listened to in an environment conducive to quality listening.

The proctor can be any adult other than a co-participating attorney. An associate, assistant, secretary, co-worker, family member, or even an attorney who is not simultaneously earning the same credit can be a proctor.

Upon completion of the participatory hours, you and your proctor sign and return one set of the enclosed documents to us. We keep those documents on file and forward MCLE certificates of compliance to you. Keep those certificates and the original set of documents in an MCLE file folder.

Can't I earn participatory credit listening to any approved MCLE audio program as long as there is more than one attorney listening?

No. MCLE participatory credit can only be earned by listening to MCLE audio programs specifically designated as offering participatory credit.

How much are the participatory audio programs?

Participatory audio programs are $25 per credit hour. Other attorneys can share these audio programs for $12.50 per credit hour per attorney.

What MCLE participatory audio programs are available?

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